AR content needs to be able to interact with things you see and use every day by grounding itself to your local environment. To make emotionally meaningful AR experiences possible, we realized that we would have to improve upon monocular markerless tracking, so that users would be allowed the freedom of movement they naturally expect.

We accomplished this with our “Dragon Demo”. The dragon and its ball of wisdom is viewable with a wide variety of devices. Inside are the building blocks for a unique environmental logic system, allowing for specific actions and animations to be mapped to certain areas depending on the geometries of the physical objects in the scene. We are continuing to refine this system, with the goal of making it extremely adaptable.

We had to borrow a nearby field as even our largest studio space can’t contain this AR beast. Four of us line up on the pitch to defeat our opponent, a 20 foot wide tank crashing around on top of a nearby building.

“Tank” is a persistent AR experience, that was set up in under 5 minutes with no beforehand preparation of the area. It showcases real-time user to user interaction with AR objects, coordinated and synchronized on everyone’s device. No other sensors, displays, or other equipment is necessary. Our goal is to make AR easy and fun to use, no matter where you are. We plan on making an SDK available in late 2017.

We believe Augmented Reality will be all around us. This video is a quick on-the-fly demo with Charmander running around a fish market in Namdong-gu Nonhyeon, Incheon, South Korea.

Note how Charmander recognizes the space between the 2 stalls and hides himself in it, occluding behind the shelf!

While traveling to South Korea we thought it would be fun to try a demo from the comfort of our hotel room in Namdonggu, Incheon, South Korea.

Please, forgive our unusual camera work while we attempt to capture Charmander and follow Mew outside the high-rise hotel!

Every day we work on the youAR project we ask ourselves: “What can make an experience with AR better?” Believability! The feeling that you are really experiencing something magical is the key.

youAR content can interact with you and your surroundings, touch, hide behind and react to things that are in your space, objects that you see every day.

Our latest tech demo will gives a taste of what is to come, see for yourself how youAR technology can add to an already popular AR app.

  • Markerless tracking with the sun is creating adverse lighting conditions.
  • Multiple players with separate devices participate in shared event, in real-time.
  • Animated objects and characters interact with the surrounding terrain.

On our trip to Korea, we had an hour or so layover in Vancouver, BC. We decided to record an AR demo in our spare time. Enjoy!

Expanding on our desire to take the youAR dragon anywhere, we went to Havana and came back with the first example of markerless AR ever made in Cuba. Living on the youAR platform, the dragon is persistently located at the Museum de la Revolución in Havana. “Persistent AR” is AR content or experiences that continues to exist in the locations they were placed in, available to be seen and experienced again when you or anyone returns to that area.

The youAR platform empowers basic mobile devices with the ability to see, share, create and discover persistent AR. Bring your single-lens digital device and interact with youAR content anywhere.