Built from the ground up
to bring Augmented Reality
to every person, every device,

youAR is a new way to
create, share, and discover
the world around you.


AR is better together. So we built youAR so everything you experience can be shared in real-time.


Right out of the box apps built with youAR can interact with each other. Mix & match AR on-the-fly to make the experience you want.


Can’t attend in person? No problem. youAR is packed with features that let you participate from anywhere.


youAR is made to support the device you own today, and the device you will own tomorrow. Participate from any operating system with nearly any camera-enabled device.

Markerless AR

Recycle that paper marker! youAR comes with robust, poweful, computer vision that scans and tracks the real world around you.

Smart Dev Tools

Powerful creation tools make it easy to build fantastic AR experiences. The intuitive SDK & API built into youAR enables devlopers to focus on content, not scaffolding.

AR Dragon
Welcome to the IoP “The Internet of Places”

April 19, 2017

The IoP Persistent Augmented and Mixed Reality is about to change the world. It will be the disruptive technology that powers the next generation of the internet.  We call it the “Internet of Places” The IoP will be a real-world computing space for just about everything.  Persistent AR/MR enabled by youAR technology will inspire people to…
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Cuba’s First AR Demo

March 23, 2017

Cuba AR Demo Expanding on the take youAR dragon anywhere idea, CEO Ray Di Carlo went to Havana and came back with the first marker-less AR demo ever made in Cuba. The youAR platform is persistent and now there is a dragon living at the Museum de la Revolución. Persistent AR, means that AR experiences you create…
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