Welcome to the IoP “The Internet of Places”

April 19, 2017

The IoP Persistent Augmented and Mixed Reality is about to change the world. It will be the disruptive technology that powers the next generation of the internet.  We call it the “Internet of Places” The IoP will be a real-world computing space for just about everything.  Persistent AR/MR enabled by youAR technology will inspire people to…
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Cuba’s First AR Demo

March 23, 2017

Cuba AR Demo Expanding on the take youAR dragon anywhere idea, CEO Ray Di Carlo went to Havana and came back with the first marker-less AR demo ever made in Cuba. The youAR platform is persistent and now there is a dragon living at the Museum de la Revolución. Persistent AR, means that AR experiences you create…
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youAR Secret Tank Demo Goes Outdoors with User to User Augmented Reality

January 18, 2017

youAR ™ Secret Project Goes Outdoors With User to User Augmented Reality Yes, this demo is that good!  That’s why we had to borrow a nearby field as even our largest studio space can’t contain this AR beast.  This “Tank Demo” has been hidden away for the past 2 ½ years, it showcases a number…
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On the Fly youAR Demo w/Charmander – Incheon

December 14, 2016

On the Fly youAR Demo – Charmander We believe Augmented Reality will be all around us.  In this video I am filming an on the fly demo with Charmander in a fish market in Namdong-gu Nonhyeon, Incheon, South Korea. Take note how our Charmander is able to recognize the space in between the 2 stalls…
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Bent youAR Pokemon South Korean Hotel Traveling Demo

December 5, 2016

South Korean Hotel Traveling Demo While traveling to South Korea and before going to Samsung for a live demo, I thought it would be fun to try a demo from the comfort of my room in Namdonggu, Incheon, South Korea. I didn’t have anyone there to film. So please, forgive my unusual camera work while I was…
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Take Your Dragon Anywhere youAR

November 22, 2016

youAR creates game states and animations that you can customize and transfer to any physical environment. When we first dreamed up youAR in 2013, we were looking to make Augmented Reality content that was magical and inspiring.  Other AR demos and apps released at the time were neither.  In 2013, visually stable AR apps used…
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A Quick AR Demo

November 1, 2016

Quick AR Demo Last month David Daniels and I went on a trip to Korea.  If you ever met David or I you’d know we are always a bit restless. Not quite attention deficit restless but close.  Since we had an hour or so layover in Vancouver, BC we decided to record an AR demo in our spare…
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No Smoke Or Mirrors

August 13, 2016

Everyday we work on the youAR project we ask ourselves: “What can make an experience with AR better?” Believability! Getting the feeling that you are really experiencing something magical is the key. youAR content can interact with you and your surroundings, touch, hide behind and react to things that are in your space, things that you…
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What is Augmented Reality?

August 12, 2016

Where do you work??? Blank stares, confused looks, and raised eyebrows. All typical responses to me when I tell people I work at an Augmented Reality company. Usually followed by, “What’s that?” As a matter of fact, AR can mean many things. However, fundamentally Augmented Reality (AR) is the real world, overlaid with or otherwise changed by digital…
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Limits to Current AR Tech

Current AR Tech We all know Augmented Reality of today won’t hold a candle to Augmented Reality of tomorrow. The issue is not a lack of attention or creativity; current AR still is interesting, informative, and useful. In truth, technological limits have forced AR to constrain to certain boundaries: it can only be seen by…
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