youAR Secret Tank Demo Goes Outdoors with User to User Augmented Reality

January 18, 2017

youAR ™ Secret Project Goes Outdoors With User to User Augmented Reality

Yes, this demo is that good!  That’s why we had to borrow a nearby field as even our largest studio space can’t contain this AR beast.  This “Tank Demo” has been hidden away for the past 2 ½ years, it showcases a number of youAR platform innovations.  Four of us line up on the pitch to defeat our opponent, a 20 foot wide tank crashing around on top of a nearby building.

And this is why we are so excited about AR. 

Each player fires projectiles at the tank. Some shells hit the tank some hit the building as smoke from our own rounds explodes around us. Everyone can see everyone else fighting, and the damage to the tank is in simultaneous real-time. We also get to watch replays in slow motion and pause while walking around the scene in bullet time to examine the frozen dust clouds hanging in the air.

In last month’s “Dragon” video, we showed our 2014 Markerless Tracking solution at work.  This “Tank” demo expands our youAR platform objectives:

The ability to create AR experiences anywhere; we set this game/demo up in a field in under 5 minutes. 

Persistence; once a site is set up you can return to it and start to interact with the AR with no additional preparation.

Real-time user to user interaction; each user’s device synchronizes in real-time via Amazon servers, by using an Android phone configured as a hotspot for an LTE network, to engage in the AR event.  Players can see everyone else’s actions – shells flying, explosions bursting, smoke billowing – as it happens around them in real-time.

Collaboration; AR needs to be shareable with user to user interaction.  We have 4 users participating in this demo/event. With youAR, many camera viewpoints can understand a common 3D space in real-time.

Hardware agnostic; youAR needs to reach down to simple monocular devices.  A standard camera lens attached to the average smartphone or tablet is all youAR needs to function.  No other sensors, head-mounted displays, or specialized equipment is necessary.

One last important point, this video is a work in progress technical demo with no AR post effects. We only filmed what our tech can do.  We annotated it for clarity and sped it up for brevity.

youAR will make Augmented Reality easy and fun to use, no matter where you are.  We plan on making a SDK available for other developers to create their own multiplayer experiences sometime in late 2017.


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