Take Your Dragon Anywhere youAR

November 22, 2016

youAR creates game states and animations that you can customize and transfer to any physical environment.

When we first dreamed up youAR in 2013, we were looking to make Augmented Reality content that was magical and inspiring.  Other AR demos and apps released at the time were neither. 

In 2013, visually stable AR apps used well known marker-based AR tracking.  Cool for a short while, but very limiting.  Marker-based tech does not allow you the freedom to create spatially dynamic AR experiences.  AR animation needs to be able to interact with things you see and use everyday by grounding itself to your local environment.

To make emotionally meaningful augmented reality experiences possible, we realized that we would have to become innovators in the space.

Task # 1:  Make better monocular marker-less tracking that would allow users the freedom of movement that you would expect.

We accomplished this with our “Dragon Demo”.

The Dragon and its ball of wisdom was animated to create a living AR dragon experience viewable with any cell phoneWhile making the demo, we also created the building blocks for a unique environmental logic system.  We continue to refine this system to making it extremely adaptable. Because we wanted to be able to walk into the Las Vegas Wynn location and show them how the AR dragon could interact with the environment we found there.

Our environmental logic system is unique to our youAR platform.  The Las Vegas trip never happened, but the new system allows us to do live “on the spot” demos anywhere.  We demonstrated it privately in many unique locations across the US and SE Asia. Including visits to the Blue Man group headquarters in NY and, Samsung’s SAIT lab in Suwon Korea.

Hidden in stealth mode since August of 2014, we now share this early youAR milestone with you.


Task # 2:  Multi-player real-time interaction.  You won’t believe this demo when you see it.